Single-sided bridge slide - DOLRE H464 (TL5 according to MASH*)


* determined by numerical computation

Unique design to meet architectural requirements

Fuse system:

  • saving installation time 

  • preservation of the support (concrete)


The lowest transmitted efforts of the market:

M=21 kNm

V=84 kN/post

Briefly ...

Steel restraint systems are linear elements designed to straighten the path of vehicles. They are made by assembling steel components.


In accordance with NBN EN 1317-1/2/5, the performance are:

  • Minimum containment level: H4b (=TL5)

  • Maximum working widthe : Wn 6

  • Vehicle intrusion = VIn 8

  • Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) =  ASI B

The additional features are:

  • Minimum distance between posts = 1,5 m

  • To ensure the guardrail function, the overall height in relation to the concrete support = 1,40 m

  • To limit the influence on the structure, the maximum space requirement between front and rear post face = 50 cm

  • For aesthetic reasons, the longitudinal elements are tubes with a diameter of: 12 cm +/- 1 cm

  • For aesthetic reasons, the connections between the longitudinal elements are not visible on the 180° front panel (the fixing points will only be located on the 180° rear panel)

  • To limit or even avoid reinforcements, the forces transmitted by post are M=21 kNm, V=84 kN